Primary Payer

Primary Payer,

How Do You Define Primary Payer?

An insurance policy that covers a person with more than one insurance package (usually combined with health insurance) pays off at that time. Any insurance or health plan is called a payer. If there is more than one payer, there is a coherence in the benefit rules that determines who pays first. The primary payer first pays what is owed to someone's account and then sends the balance to the secondary payer for payment. In some cases, there may be a payment from a third party.

Literal Meanings of Primary Payer


Meanings of Primary:
  1. The most important for capital.

  2. As soon as possible or okay.

  3. Based on other real things, not born

  4. (Organic compounds) whose active groups are on carbon atoms that are not connected to each other by more carbon atoms.

  5. It refers to or relates to organisms that use photosynthesis to make organic compounds from common substances such as water and carbon dioxide.

  6. Refers to the input side of a device that uses electromagnetic induction, especially in transformers.

  7. Old term for old language

  8. Area code for nominating delegates to party conventions (in the United States) or selecting candidates for major elections, including presidential elections.

  9. A basic color.

Sentences of Primary
  1. The government's main goal is to significantly reduce unemployment.

  2. The first stage of his political education

  3. Its special primary and secondary literary arrangement is evident on all pages

  4. Basic wine

  5. Organic matter consists of primary producers, such as plants and plankton.

  6. These two pins form the main direction of the transformer.

  7. First the ancient or primary stone, then the secondary stone and finally the olive or tashiri stone.

  8. Both Republicans could easily win their primary

  9. The main colors are red, blue and yellow, not green.

  10. I'm not running for president, and unless we want to lose the White House, no one needs to run.

Synonyms of Primary

main, chief, key, prime, central, principal, foremost, first, most important, predominant, paramount, overriding, major, ruling, dominant, master, supreme, cardinal, pre-eminent, ultimate, original, earliest, initial


Meanings of Payer:
  1. A person or organization that completes work, receives money, or pays off debts.

Sentences of Payer
  1. This sector is the largest contributor to corporate partners