Prima facie

Prima facie,

Definition of Prima facie:

  1. Based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise.

  2. On the first impression.

  3. Prima facie is a legal claim that has sufficient evidence to proceed to trial or judgment. In Latin, prima facie means “at first sight” or “at first view.".

  4. In civil litigation, a plaintiff files a lawsuit claiming that a defendant’s actions (or inactions) caused injury. For example, a business may file a claim indicating that one of its vendors is in breach of contract after failing to deliver an order and that the failure to deliver resulted in the business losing customers. The complaint filed with the court provides background information on the reason for the lawsuit, what the injury was, and how the defendant may have contributed to this injury occurring. Before going to trial, the court must determine if the case has enough merit to be tried in court. Upon an initial examination of the claim during a pre-trial hearing, a judge may determine that enough evidence exists to support a case. The case is thus considered prima facie.

  5. What appears to be true and is accepted as a fact, until evidence to the contrary is detected or submitted. Latin for, on the face of things, or on first appearance.

Synonyms of Prima facie

Apparently, As it seems, As seen, At a glance, At first sight, At sight, By eyeball, By sight, On the surface, Ostensibly, Outwardly, Seemingly, Superficially, To all appearances, To all seeming, To the eye, Visibly, Visually

How to use Prima facie in a sentence?

  1. Prima facie is typically used in civil cases, where the burden of proof is on the plaintiff.
  2. The man told me that his love for her happened at prima facie , which meant it was love at first sight for him and her.
  3. The 20 tons of cocaine in his house, that was discovered by the police, is prima facie evidence of his involvement in drug trafficking.
  4. Prima facie refers to a case in which pre-trial evidence was reviewed by a judge and determined to be sufficient to warrant the trial.
  5. The prosecutor on the murder case presented the events of the following morning from blood stains and fingerprints that looked like prima facie against the defendant to be sentenced.
  6. A prima facie case of professional misconduct.
  7. However, just because a case has been determined prima facie doesn't mean that the plaintiff will win.

Meaning of Prima facie & Prima facie Definition

Prima Facie,

Definition of Prima Facie:

  • Prima Facie means: Prima facsimile evidence is a process in which there is sufficient evidence to test or test. Prema Fisai means in Latin at first sight or at first sight.

    • Appearance refers to cases in which the judge analyzes the preliminary evidence and determines that it is sufficient to justify the trial.
    • Prima facie evidence is commonly used in civil cases where the burden of proof falls on the reporter.
    • Just because a lawsuit is filed at first glance will not win the plaintiffs.

  • Prima Facie refers to This refers to an indiscriminate mix of clients and business resources using their resources through agents or brokers. It is illegal under state law and can result in revocation of licenses and fines.

  • You can define Prima Facie as, Perhaps a fact that is believed is true, unless the evidence to the contrary is denied. Evidence that is valid as long as it does not contradict it and is replaced by other evidence. This is the first case in which the plaintiff provided sufficient evidence to compel the defendant to continue his case. In other words, if the plaintiff does not agree with the plaintiff's case, the plaintiff wins.

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Meanings of Prima:
  1. Title or greetings from an Italian woman.