Price transparency

Price transparency,

Definition of Price transparency:

  1. Price transparency typically refers to the extent to which information about the bid prices, the ask prices and trading quantities for a specific stock is available.

  2. Situation where both the seller and the buyer know the price, and no intermediary is involved.

  3. For example, the Nasdaq level II quote system provides information on all the bids and asks at various price levels for a particular stock. On the other hand, standard NYSE quotes are less transparent, displaying only the highest bid and lowest ask prices. In that scenario, only the market specialists know the complete order flow for a stock. Price transparency can be contrasted with opacity.

How to use Price transparency in a sentence?

  1. Price transparency reflects the extent to which price and market information, such as bid-ask spread and depth, exist for a security.
  2. In standard economics, market participants all have perfect information and therefore price transparency is complete.
  3. In reality, prices are not fully transparent to all market participants, with some real-time quote and liquidity measures only available for a fee from exchanges.
  4. Markets with greater price transparency are considered to be 'freer' markets with lower information costs.

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