Price-to-earnings Ratio (p/e)

Price-to-earnings Ratio (p/e),

What Does Price-to-earnings Ratio (p/e) Mean?

  1. Price-to-earnings Ratio (p/e) can be defined as, Compared to the company's current earnings per share earnings. A high P / E ratio means that investors expect further growth in the future. When a company is losing money, it does not have a P / E ratio.

  2. A simple definition of Price-to-earnings Ratio (p/e) is: This statistic compares the current price of each share with its earnings and is often used to determine the share price and the company issuing it. Some investors believe in the ability of the P / E ratio to accurately reflect the true value of a stock and advise investors not to buy stocks with a high P / E ratio. While these stock prices may indicate good health, the P / E ratio suggests that they are, in fact, at very high prices.

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