Price index

Price index,

Definition of Price index:

  1. Percentage number that shows the extent to which a price (or a basket of prices) has changed over a period (month, quarter, year) as compared with the price(s) in a certain year (base year) taken as a standard. See also consumer price index.

  2. An index number showing variations in the prices of a certain group of goods over time; compare retail price index, consumer price index.

How to use Price index in a sentence?

  1. After I looked in the price index , I realized that we were not looking at the right price and needed to go further.
  2. The price index provided a useful too for us to observe any variations in the elements involved in our equation.
  3. I invested a great deal of money in that stock because its price index showed such anticipated high growth in value this quarter, when compared to each quarter last year.

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