Price Increase Reserve

Price Increase Reserve,

How Do You Define Price Increase Reserve?

  1. The estimated increase in the prices of goods, raw materials, etc. has to be taken into account. Which must be converted into a commercial transaction

Literal Meanings of Price Increase Reserve


Meanings of Price:
  1. Determine the amount required (something offered for sale)

  2. The amount that is given as an expectation, need, or payment of something.

  3. Unwanted experiences, events or actions that are necessary as conditions to achieve the desired goal.

Sentences of Price
  1. The cost of watches in this range is 14.50

  2. Land can be sold at a higher price.

  3. The price of success is a day of debate

Synonyms of Price

forfeiture, consequence, set the price of, value, sacrifice, cost, asking price, assay, figure, levy, amount, fix the price of, evaluate, appraise, estimate, put a price on, fare, penalty, rate, terms, result, assess, charge, sum, total, payment, forfeit, toll, selling price


Meanings of Increase:
  1. To become or grow in size, quantity, intensity or degree.

  2. An example of growth or growth.

Sentences of Increase
  1. Car use is growing at an alarming rate

  2. Some increase in inflation

Synonyms of Increase

swell, get bigger, inflation, multiplication, grow, enlargement, rise, expand, elevation, get larger, swelling, expansion, extension, become greater, growth, enlarge


Meanings of Reserve:
  1. Avoid using (or throwing away) anything to keep for future use.

  2. Supply of products that are not required for immediate use, but are available when needed.

  3. A force or corps that is kept away from fighting to strengthen or protect others, or is available in the regular armed forces as well as in emergencies.

  4. Extra players who are substitutes in the team

  5. A place is reserved for special use.

  6. Lack of warmth, openness or expression.

  7. Minimum price summary

  8. (Ceramic or textile decoration) An area that still retains the original material color or background color.

Sentences of Reserve
  1. Roll the dough and keep it in half.

  2. Australia has significant reserves of coal, gas and uranium

  3. These people stand in the center of the reservation and can be taken anywhere.

  4. I am the alternate prostitute of the World Cup team

  5. There were some areas where land was allotted, but now it was used for various purposes.

  6. He smiled and some of his reserves melted

  7. No bookings were made, although the pub is expected to auction on November 8. More than 3.5 million.

  8. For the first time in the tonnage equipment industry, a reserve motif father headdress with a black background has been developed.

Synonyms of Reserve

pool, self-restraint, stockpile, relief, second-string, reticence, store, stand-in, supplementaries, stock, keep back, emergency, auxiliaries, put aside, reservoir, additional troops, substitute, fund, lay aside, supply, bank, fresh troops, self-containment, reserves, additional police