Price/Book Ratio

Price/Book Ratio,

Price/Book Ratio Definition:

  1. Final price divided by the book price per share for the company's current financial year.

Literal Meanings of Price/Book Ratio


Meanings of Price:
  1. An amount of money given as an expectation, requirement or payment.

  2. Conditions for achieving the desired goal are the experiences, events or actions of the situation

  3. Determine the required payment amount (something to sell).

Sentences of Price
  1. Land can be sold at a higher price

  2. The value of your success is debated throughout the day

  3. Watches cost in this range. 14.50

Synonyms of Price

penalty, terms, amount, sacrifice, total, figure, rate, result, appraise, forfeiture, payment, consequence, evaluate, set the price of, fare, toll, assay, fix the price of, value, put a price on, assess, charge, sum, forfeit, estimate, asking price, levy


Meanings of Book:
  1. Written or printed work, consisting of pages pasted or sewn on one side and enclosed in an envelope.

  2. A set of blank papers made for writing or recording.

  3. A series of stamps, stamps, matches, checks, fabric samples, etc. Stay connected

  4. Booking (accommodation, place, etc.) Pre-purchase (ticket).

  5. Make official records of (suspect or offender) names and other personal information

  6. Suddenly it stopped.

Sentences of Book
  1. A book with a selected book

  2. A great book

  3. A sample booklet

  4. I booked a table at Swan

  5. The policeman hired me and took me to the train station

Synonyms of Book

printed work, arrange in advance, exercise book, opus, notebook, tome, reserve, order, publication, work, volume, binder, memo pad, notepad, pad, treatise, make a reservation for, title, arrange for, prearrange


Meanings of Ratio:
  1. A quantitative relationship between two quantities that indicates how many times one value contains another or is present in another.

Sentences of Ratio
  1. The employment rate for men and women is 8 to 1

Synonyms of Ratio

comparative extent, relationship, correlation, proportion, correspondence, quantitative relation, balance, comparative number