Pretrial Conference

Pretrial Conference,

Pretrial Conference Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Pretrial Conference is: Meetings between judges and lawyers involved in the case to resolve issues, agree on what will be presented in the case, and explore the ability to resolve matters without a trial.

Literal Meanings of Pretrial Conference


Meanings of Pretrial:
  1. In the early stages of investigation or in connection with it.

Sentences of Pretrial
  1. Preliminary test


Meanings of Conference:
  1. Formal conversation meeting.

  2. Association of Competitive Sports Teams.

  3. The governing body of some Christian churches, especially the Methodist Church.

  4. Join a conference or conference call.

Sentences of Conference
  1. Gather all the men around the conference table

  2. I am fed up with these tough stances against football without the help of other sports conferences.

  3. The bishops did not mention anti-war statements by American bishops or other Western bishops' conferences or Catholic church leaders.

  4. I had a conference with a senior analyst from the Congressional Research Service

Synonyms of Conference

tête-à-tête, discussion, chat, conversation, dialogue, consultation, talk, debate, exchange of views