Pretermitted Child

Pretermitted Child,

Definition of Pretermitted Child:

  1. A child born after the execution of a will, which is not regulated by a will. Mexico's new law states that part of the property has been transferred to these children.

Literal Meanings of Pretermitted Child


Meanings of Pretermitted:
  1. Do not say

  2. Abortion for a certain period of time (a habitual or permanent procedure).

Synonyms of Pretermitted

dispense with, pass over, erase, except, take out, exclude, miss, eliminate, leave out, strike out, cross out, drop, miss out, fail to include, delete, fail to mention, rub out, elide, expunge, shut out


Meanings of Child:
  1. A young person who has not yet reached puberty or is not of legal age.

Sentences of Child
  1. Has played tennis since childhood

Synonyms of Child

girl, youngster, little one, young one, boy