Presunto Vegetariano

Presunto Vegetariano

I am a vegetarian, can I eat Mortendla?

They've already confirmed it to you or just, maybe it's just bologna or animal origin, your friends believe, the last sound contradicts the lever in Odyssey. If these YouTube videos aren't just meat, please tell me what your actions are. Do you have an answer before that?

After teasing for a year you will stop thinking about the possibility of going wrong, don't be flexible and then do research and study.

You don't even trust the 1 year I designed it. Vegetarians do not eat meat to stop eating, which is made in pots, on barbecue, but meat derivatives or parts of it, as expected, mortadella, canned meat, gelatin, anyway .. and Just to be safe, sesame, fish and seafood also s £ or meat, vegetables also nà £ or ingredients that.

And I, against our partner Leticia, will tell her who she should be. Ovolactovegeto means use of meat (and its derivative), but also milk, eggs and honey. There is no way to suppress IT, anyone who does research will know what they have come up with and will be able to give the same answer for spicy vegetables.

That is, eggs, meat, honey, milk, derivatives and so on. Instead of ovalacto vegetables, ask questions about the category of symphorticola plants.

After all, you don't eat vegetables unless you leave out everything in between. If you want to continue with certain types of meat and other foods, it is called hair-free, but as it is a vegetable, peas are no longer a drink.

No, maybe, made of trees and bologna with bushes.

These 2 utos are made of meat.

Vegetable substrates are available in the market.

Presunto Vegetariano

Presunto Vegetariano

None or none ...

The first thing you need to know is AC or VEGETO.

Do you know it or vegetables?

More meat! In fact, you should eat n࣠or © © vegeto.

How can you consider vegetables when you know the difference between eating animal and vegetable?

Mortadella, mayo, sausage, pepperoni and many more, yes or no against the principle of your two vegetables!

Enjoy and learn, but you have some articles on the Internet.

Maybe it's made from pork or Peru. Mortadella is made from a chicken or beef restaurant, such as Vesiras. You are not a vegetable.

You have to understand it first - done or understood and Martdale.

Probably raw, salty and naturally preserved animal feed derived from the hind legs of pigs.

Mortadela © sa A sausage or sausage made from pork and fat, they are usually made from pork neck.

If you are a vegetarian, you should not eat.

Hope this helps

ue ... more or maybe and mortadella p made with pork .. © carne um!

Presunto Vegetariano

Presunto Vegetariano

Dude, they're right, maybe it's made from pork, which is good for vegetables, yes a martadilla - made from pork mixed with glue, it's Pontins ncos. .

Presunto Vegetariano