Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel,

What is Pressure Vessel?

  1. In boiler and motor insurance, a type of container that contains liquid or gas under pressure. Types are divided into powered (such as boiler) and non-powered (such as oxygen or hydrogen tanks).

Literal Meanings of Pressure Vessel


Meanings of Pressure:
  1. A constant physical force on or against an object that comes in contact with it.

  2. To persuade or intimidate someone into doing something.

  3. Trying to persuade or force (someone) to do something.

Sentences of Pressure
  1. The door gave way to the pressure of the crowd outside.

  2. DPR members urge the government to provide guarantees.

  3. Can only force you to resign.

Synonyms of Pressure

pestering, bully, provocation, force, pressurization, constraint, bring pressure to bear on, nag, prod, arm-twisting, bludgeon, strong-arm, harass, badassery, goad, brainwash, badgering, fast-talk, harry, pressurize, hound, twist someone's arm, badger, bulldoze


Meanings of Vessel:
  1. Large ship or ship

  2. A special hollow container used to hold liquids, such as a cup or barrel.

  3. A tube or tubes that contain blood or other fluids.

Synonyms of Vessel

keel, craft, decanter, can, artery, pitcher, receptacle, pan, jug, repository, ■■■■, flask, vat, carrier, tub, boat, holder, passage, case, casket, basin, urn, sailing boat, carafe, bin, container