Pressure group

Pressure group,

Definition of Pressure group:

  1. Groups that seek to influence public order for certain purposes.

  2. A non-profit and generally voluntary organization whose members share the same goals that seek to influence business or policy decision makers to achieve the stated goals. Although interest groups try to defend an issue (maintain the status quo), interest groups try to promote it (change the status quo).

Synonyms of Pressure group

Financial interests, Faction, Lobby, Italian vote, Heavyweight, Party, Wing, Wheeler-dealer, Court, Special interests, Side, Caucus, Camp, Breakaway group, Black Power, Lobby, Svengali, Vested interests, Silent majority, Offshoot, Bloc, Wing, Clique, Influencer, White Power, Division, Coterie, Side, Man of influence, Access, Five-percenter, Minority group, Open sesame, Interest group, Good influence, Labor interests, The Establishment, VIP, Sect, Sinister influence, Special-interest group, Manipulator, Big wheel, Group, Grouping, Camp, Wire-puller, Black vote, Farm interests, Rasputin, Friend at court, Vocal minority, Hidden hand, Very important person, Political party, Splinter, Ethnic group, Arm, Set, Ingroup, Influence peddler, Sector, Kingmaker, Branch, Eminence grise, Jewish vote, Lobbyist, Interest, Division, Powers that be, Gray eminence, Cabal, Contingent, Bad influence, Splinter group, Lords of creation, Caucus, Key, Polish Power, Influence, Ring, Section

How to use Pressure group in a sentence?

  1. Environmental pressure group.

Meaning of Pressure group & Pressure group Definition