Pressão 14x7

Pressão 14x7

Pressure or 14x7à© more ??? ۔

The moment I pressed the minus and it was 14x7 GIC again and it was the same thing. Be measured

My pressure is mostly 13x8 longer than in the EU and tells me that the pressure has increased slightly.

I because it hurts my neck and right side.

I am worried?

Do you fold 12 of your age, common installations?

Past health recommends normal (12x8), which is considered normal, 13x8 © © normal, 14x9 © سے from hypertension £ or something more serious 13x8 than © like hypertension crisis or as you can see Yes, hypertension crisis or high blood pressure, however you should be alert to your blood pressure whenever it appears at a high peak. Or ideally be careful with food or especially salt, moments of fear, alcohol, smoking and anxiety. Exercise is very important to keep your blood pressure down.

Cold does not increase blood pressure because the arteries are narrowed)

Signs and symptoms

Facial redness (headache), headache (cold pain), dizziness, vision or blurred vision, high blood pressure over 140x90 mm / hg. (PA can be generated and no app will show any signals in summer, we know if it is verified as it appears).

In cases of high blood pressure or diagnosis, if checked at least 3 times, at intervals of 5 to 15 minutes, and also as a control card.

Okay fine!

It depends on the day, two bulls, feed, etc.

For example, if an athlete has a different prison index than a passive one, the second point is; if you are experiencing stressful situations or our last days ... more or less, to control inmates , Their points must be:

The first balanced and healthy diet.

2 Regular physical activity

With a simple increase in pressure, just don't let it go.

Pressão 14x7