Pressão 13x7

Pressão 13x7

Press 13x7 as usual?

Hello Amanda.

Your blood pressure is OK. Arterial hypertension - or disproportionate increase in the pressure of two nerves in a relationship, or especially age. Normal blood pressure is a maximum of 140 mmHg (mm of mercury) and a minimum of 90 mmHg (14x9). A high value indicates high blood pressure (hypertension).

Recommended during pregnancy:

* Compare all planned non-prenatal appointments and strictly follow the doctor's recommendations during pregnancy.

* Remember a hypertonic or deceptive disease, which can be symptomatic. Deficiency and absence of symptoms can make it a mild pre-evolution with complications. Act

* Physical exercise together according to the stages of pregnancy or your organic conditions.

* Avoid gaining weight, but it costs a pound a week.

* There are a variety of salty foods to reduce, no hello and swallowing alcohol during pregnancy is suspended.

Follow these recommendations and you will continue to receive good pregnancies or ■■■■ deliveries.

It helps.

Usually eat 14x9.

Pressão 13x7