Press release

Press release,

Definition of Press release:

  1. An official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.

  2. For example, an earnings release will highlight key financial metrics for the recently completed quarter and commentary from management. That includes headline revenue and earnings per share (EPS) number plus growth from the previous year and quarter. In addition to financial figures, press releases list valuable contact information that can assist investors in their research, like the company's web address, and contact and address information.

  3. Written, audio taped, or video taped matter about a book, event, person, or program, presented by its promoters or principals to the media for editorial comment and free coverage. Also called media release or news release.

  4. A press release is a piece of news companies send out to inform the public about something noteworthy. Financial services companies send these out to announce a new product, quarterly earnings report, or any other material news.

Synonyms of Press release

Report, Announcement, Story, Account

How to use Press release in a sentence?

  1. The young mayor made an official press release to let people know that he was running for re-election next term.
  2. When celebrities say or do something offensive it is usually denied at first, then there is a press release with an explanation and a fake sounding apology.
  3. Last week, The baseball media issued a press release concerning Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi and his alleged steroid use.
  4. The two companies paid for the trial and issued a press release announcing the results.

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