Press Hard 5 Copies

Press Hard 5 Copies

What is Triple Paper Weight? ? 3

I'm a little lost!

Oops ... maybe you were rude to the cops? I think in my youth ... pushing too hard, three times, was a great way to say thank you for being me!

I wish he had been more friendly with the officers ... he would not have been fined!

When a policeman tells you that this is the way you enjoy your ticket, wise man, you may have treated him badly or your ticket gets dirty and he really thinks That you deserve it.

This literally means that if you sign your name on the ticket, press it hard with a ballpoint pen, there will be three copies (without charcoal) that you will sign. If you do not press hard enough, the third copy will not be explicitly signed.

Suppose you are filling out a form, this means you are putting a lot of pressure on typing while reviewing 3 impressions.

This is a shape called a triplecate, it has 3 separate sheets of carbon paper and you have to press hard so that what you are writing passes through all three layers.

Are they referring to a printed copy of the press?

Hard copy refers to printed material.

Help for example!

Yes, you definitely need CD burning software in these cases. You need to copy the data from each CD to a new one. There is no way to copy all three CDs into one CD. You must select a folder / file on each CD and burn it to a new CD [add the appropriate folder]. You can create images to make your work easier.

Press Hard 5 Copies