Definition of Prescribe:

  1. Provide clear, unambiguous and reliable guidance or advice to their followers. See also testimonials and suggestions.

  2. Advises and approves the use of (medicines or treatments) by an individual (especially in writing) (from a doctor).

Synonyms of Prescribe

Recommend, Instruct, Dose with, Consult with, Impose, Advocate, Kibitz, Propose, Decide, Run, Handle, Require, Captain, Pull the strings, Force upon, Stipulate, Legitimize, Make the rules, Head, Coach, Choose, Confer, Enforce upon, Constitute, Put on, Mastermind, Pick out, Sanction, Determine, Command, Assign, Enact, Order, Establish, Cure, Head up, Rule, Ordain, Order, Demand, Meddle, Authorize, Be responsible for, Prescribe for, Regulate, Manage, Brief, Enjoin, Fix, Guide, Give, Suggest, Make a regulation, Mete out to, Specify, Take command, Exact, Declare lawful, Put in force, Submit, Maneuver, Advise, Legislate, Settle, Legitimatize, Remedy, Call the signals, Appoint, Authorize, Dose, Make obligatory, Take the lead, Advise, Counsel, Select, Make legal, Legalize, Constrain, Define, Govern, Force, Officer, Apply, Dictate, Direct, Control, Decree, Carry on, Bestow, Engineer, Lead on, Legitimate, Lay down, Set down, Formulate, Validate, Skipper, Put upon, Conduct, Set, Lay on, Direct, Treat, Manipulate, Administer, Lead, Quarterback

How to use Prescribe in a sentence?

  1. Dr. Green recommended magnesium sulfate.

Meaning of Prescribe & Prescribe Definition

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