Definition of Prescribe:

  1. To provide clear, explicit, and authoritative direction or guidance to those who are supposed to follow it. See also define and prescription.

  2. (of a medical practitioner) advise and authorize the use of (a medicine or treatment) for someone, especially in writing.

Synonyms of Prescribe

Order, Advise, Authorize, Direct, Administer, Advise, Advocate, Apply, Appoint, Assign, Authorize, Be responsible for, Bestow, Brief, Call the signals, Captain, Carry on, Choose, Coach, Command, Conduct, Confer, Constitute, Constrain, Consult with, Control, Counsel, Cure, Decide, Declare lawful, Decree, Define, Demand, Determine, Dictate, Direct, Dose, Dose with, Enact, Enforce upon, Engineer, Enjoin, Establish, Exact, Fix, Force, Force upon, Formulate, Give, Govern, Guide, Handle, Head, Head up, Impose, Instruct, Kibitz, Lay down, Lay on, Lead, Lead on, Legalize, Legislate, Legitimate, Legitimatize, Legitimize, Make a regulation, Make legal, Make obligatory, Make the rules, Manage, Maneuver, Manipulate, Mastermind, Meddle, Mete out to, Officer, Ordain, Order, Pick out, Prescribe for, Propose, Pull the strings, Put in force, Put on, Put upon, Quarterback, Recommend, Regulate, Remedy, Require, Rule, Run, Sanction, Select, Set, Set down, Settle, Skipper, Specify, Stipulate, Submit, Suggest, Take command, Take the lead, Treat, Validate

How to use Prescribe in a sentence?

  1. Dr. Greene prescribed magnesium sulfate.

Meaning of Prescribe & Prescribe Definition