Definition of Prerogative:

  1. Arising from the prerogative of the Crown (usually delegated to the government or the judiciary) and based in common law rather than statutory law.

  2. Special executive powers, privileges, and rights vested in the holder of an office, or acquired by a person by virtue of age, relationship, sex, or being what he or she is.

  3. A right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class.

Synonyms of Prerogative

Absolute power, Absolutism, Accomplishment, Advantage, Appanage, Appurtenance, Ascendancy, Authority, Authorization, Birthright, Claim, Competence, Competency, Conjugal right, Constituted authority, Deanship, Delegated authority, Demand, Divine right, Droit, Due, Excellence, Exemption, Faculty, Favor, Franchise, Greatness, Immunity, Inalienable right, Incomparability, Indirect authority, Inherent authority, Inimitability, Interest, Jus divinum, Lawful authority, Lead, Legal authority, Legitimacy, Liberty, Majority, Natural right, One-upmanship, Perquisite, Power, Precedence, Predominance, Predomination, Preeminence, Preponderance, Prepotence, Prepotency, Prescription, Prestige, Presumptive right, Pretense, Pretension, Priority, Privilege, Proper claim, Property right, Regality, Right, Right-of-way, Rightful authority, Royal prerogative, Sanction, Seniority, Skill, Success, Superiority, The say, The say-so, Title, Transcendence, Transcendency, Vested authority, Vested interest, Vested right, Vicarious authority, Virtuosity, Entitlement, Right, Privilege, Advantage, Due, Birthright

How to use Prerogative in a sentence?

  1. Owning an automobile was still the prerogative of the rich.
  2. The monarch retained the formal prerogative power to appoint the Prime Minister.

Meaning of Prerogative & Prerogative Definition