Definition of Prerequisite:

  1. Required as a prior condition.

  2. Qualification required as a necessary condition for something to follow, such as admission, advancement, award, benefit, privilege, etc.

  3. A thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.

Synonyms of Prerequisite

Necessary condition, Precondition, Condition, Essential, Requirement, Requisite, Necessity, Proviso, Qualification, Imperative, Basic, Rudiment, Obligation, Duty, Necessary, Needed, Required, Called for, Essential, Requisite, Vital, Basic, Of the essence, Indispensable, Imperative, Obligatory, Mandatory, Compulsory, Arrangement, Bare necessities, Basic training, Boundary condition, Briefing, Call for, Called for, Catch, Clause, Clearing the decks, Condition, Demand, Demand for, Demanded, Desideration, Desideratum, Donnee, Equipment, Escalator clause, Escape clause, Escape hatch, Essential, Essentials, Familiarization, Fine print, Fixing, Foundation, Given, Grounds, Groundwork, Imperative, Indicated, Indispensable, Irreducible, Irreductible, Irreplaceable, Joker, Kicker, Limiting condition, Makeready, Making ready, Manufacture, Mobilization, Must, Must item, Necessaries, Necessary, Necessities, Necessitous, Necessity, Need, Need for, Needed, Needful, Obligation, Obligatory, Occasion, Parameter, Planning, Prearrangement, Precondition, Preliminaries, Preliminary, Preliminary act, Preliminary step, Prep, Preparation, Preparative, Preparatory, Preparatory study, Preparing, Prepping, Prerequirement, Pretreatment, Processing, Propaedeutic, Provident, Provision, Provisional, Provisions, Proviso, Qualification, Readying, Required, Requirement, Requisite, Requisition, Saving clause, Sine qua non, Small print, Spadework, Specification, Stipulation, String, Terms, The necessary, The needful, Training, Treatment, Trial, Tryout, Ultimatum, Unforgoable, Vital, Want, Wanted, Warm-up, Whereas

How to use Prerequisite in a sentence?

  1. The student must have the prerequisite skills.
  2. Since the CEO felt high moral character was a prerequisite for being a manager, Brian didn�t get promoted since he regularly got drunk in his cubicle.
  3. It is confusing to many young adults that in the job search, most jobs that claim no experience is necessary have the prerequisite of expensive degrees that most young people do not have.
  4. Sponsorship is not a prerequisite for any of our courses.
  5. The other day, I learned that Acting 1 was actually just a prerequisite for Film Acting 101, which made me a bit angry.

Meaning of Prerequisite & Prerequisite Definition