What is PrepU?

PrepU is the only adaptive learning system designed specifically for NCLEX. PrepU is an adaptive learning system that provides students with an environment in which they can effectively and efficiently practice and master the contents of the nursing curriculum.

How can I become a PrepU?

To access PrepU, you must first use your access code on thePoint: 1. If you are not yet registered with thePoint, go to and enter the access code where it is provided, then select Submit code. 2.

Is this a PrepU app too?

PrepU, the online adaptive assessment platform developed by educators, today announced two new iOS mobile adaptive learning apps for PrepU AP US History and PrepU AP Psychology. PrepU's mobile apps are as comprehensive and efficient as our web-based adaptive learning apps.

Is PrepU good for Nclex like this?

In study 1, the results showed that students who used prepU in the last semester of nursing school had a higher NCLEX pass rate (98.7%) than the national NCLEX average (87.89%). Of the students who participated in the survey, 65.8% continued to use prepUs after graduation to prepare for NCLEX.

What's the point, of course?

Lippincott's CoursePoint is the only integrated digital course solution for nursing education. Powerful integration of adaptive learning with high-quality digital course content and interactive resources provides a truly personalized learning experience structured around how students are learning. What is CoursePoint plus? Lippincott CoursePoint is the only integrated digital course solution for nursing education that combines the power of adaptive learning with integrated textbook and interactive resources. Supported by PrepU, Lippincott CoursePoint creates a truly personalized learning experience.

What is Lippincott CoursePoint?

CoursePoint includes: Adaptive Learning, powered by PrepU, offers customized quizzes that help each student learn more, while also offering teachers and students a window to progress, highlighting misunderstandings, strengths and weaknesses.

How do I download books from Lippincott?

You have a shelf account: Start shelf. Go to the Account menu and select Redeem Code. Enter the redemption code # and click the Redeem button. Your updated book list will be downloaded to your computer. When you download, the download also begins.

How do I directly access the teachers' resources?

You can access the teacher's resource titles directly from the "My Content" page, or you can access the home page and search for titles from there on the product page. After clicking on Instructor Resources, you will see a list of available documents associated with that title.

What is Lippincott DocuCare?

Lippincott® DocuCare is the leading EHR teacher training solution guaranteed to prepare students for real-world clinical needs. It is easy to use and ensures efficient implementation. Provides evidence-based patient care and a real EHR experience. It offers the opportunity to map your study program.