Definition of Preparation:

  1. State of making something ready for use. Preparations are typically done in anticipation of an event occurring in the near future.

  2. The action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration.

Synonyms of Preparation

Devising, Putting together, Thinking up, Drawing up, Construction, Composing, Composition, Editing, Fashioning, Concocting, Production, Getting ready, Making ready, Arrangement, Development, Assembling, Assembly, Accouterment, Adaptation, Anticipation, Apprenticeship, Architecture, Armament, Arrangement, Arrangements, Assembly, Balm, Balsam, Basic training, Breaking, Breeding, Briefing, Building, Casting, Catering, Chandlery, Composing, Composition, Compound, Concoction, Conditioning, Construction, Contemplation, Conversion, Crafting, Craftsmanship, Cramming, Creation, Cultivation, Development, Devising, Discipline, Discretion, Drill, Drilling, Drops, Drug, Education, Elaboration, Electuary, Elixir, Endowment, Envisagement, Envisionment, Equipment, Erection, Ethical drug, Exercise, Extraction, Fabrication, Farseeingness, Farsightedness, Fashioning, Fetching-up, Finding, Fitness, Fitting out, Forecast, Foreglance, Foregleam, Foreglimpse, Forehandedness, Foreseeing, Foresight, Foresightedness, Formation, Forming, Formulation, Fostering, Foundation, Framing, Furnishing, Furnishment, Generic name, Grooming, Groundwork, Growing, Handicraft, Handiwork, Harmonization, Harvesting, Herbs, Housebreaking, Improvement, In-service training, Inhalant, Instruction, Instrumentation, Intonation, Investment, Lincture, Linctus, Logistics, Longsightedness, Looking ahead, Machining, Making, Manual training, Manufacture, Manufacturing, Materia medica, Material, Measures, Medicament, Medication, Medicinal, Medicinal herbs, Medicine, Military training, Milling, Mining, Mixture, Modulation, Molding, Nonprescription drug, Nurture, Nurturing, Officinal, On-the-job training, Orchestration, Organization, Organizing, Outfitting, Patent medicine, Pharmacon, Phrasing, Physic, Planning, Plans, Powder, Practice, Prediction, Prefabrication, Prep, Preparing, Prepping, Prepublication, Prescription drug, Preview, Prevision, Proceedings, Processing, Procurement, Producing, Product, Proprietary, Proprietary medicine, Proprietary name, Prospect, Prospection, Providence, Providing, Provision, Provisioning, Provisions, Prudence, Purveyance, Putting together, Raising, Readiness, Readying, Rearing, Refining, Rehearsal, Reinforcement, Replenishment, Resolution, Resupply, Retailing, Sagacity, Selling, Setting, Shaping, Simples, Sloyd, Smelting, Solution, Spadework, Study, Studying, Stuff, Subsidization, Subsidy, Substance, Subvention, Supply, Supplying, Suspension, Swotting, Syrup, Teaching, Theraputant, Tisane, Tone painting, Training, Transcription, Tuition, Upbringing, Vegetable remedies, Victualing, Vocational education, Vocational training, Work, Workmanship

How to use Preparation in a sentence?

  1. Randy needed to have enough preparation before Game 7 because this would be the deciding game that would determine if we were champions, or not.
  2. The preparation of a draft contract.
  3. The preparation for todays event began exactly one year ago so we were over prepared as this was an important occasion for us.
  4. Having good preparation before an important meeting will help to make sure that you give it your best shot at the time.

Meaning of Preparation & Preparation Definition