Definition of Preparation:

  1. Availability of something. Preparations are usually made to anticipate an event in the near future.

  2. The process or process of preparing or preparing for its use or testing.

Synonyms of Preparation

Subsidization, Phrasing, Prospection, Forecast, Supply, Organizing, Composition, Physic, Foreglance, Suspension, Shaping, Handicraft, Preview, Concoction, Prospect, Proprietary, Accouterment, Investment, Manufacturing, Contemplation, Armament, Materia medica, Anticipation, Discipline, Making ready, On-the-job training, Framing, Drill, Procurement, Military training, Concocting, Putting together, Growing, Editing, Provisions, Tuition, Swotting, Rearing, Thinking up, Tisane, Building, Furnishment, Victualing, Prudence, Producing, Composing, Fostering, Intonation, Vocational training, Preparing, Briefing, Logistics, Subvention, Harmonization, Development, Envisionment, Resupply, Powder, Outfitting, Erection, Linctus, Making, Extraction, Manual training, Lincture, Cramming, In-service training, Providing, Subsidy, Prediction, Herbs, Foresight, Getting ready, Rehearsal, Mixture, Nurturing, Nonprescription drug, Product, Syrup, Pharmacon, Catering, Nurture, Breaking, Reinforcement, Casting, Measures, Patent medicine, Handiwork, Sloyd, Forehandedness, Development, Arrangements, Apprenticeship, Formation, Substance, Officinal, Simples, Vocational education, Elixir, Craftsmanship, Molding, Drops, Medicine, Improvement, Study, Refining, Processing, Fetching-up, Crafting, Prep, Foreseeing, Training, Conditioning, Machining, Putting together, Vegetable remedies, Medication, Modulation, Conversion, Orchestration, Proprietary medicine, Breeding, Foresightedness, Endowment, Proprietary name, Readiness, Medicinal, Looking ahead, Foregleam, Fashioning, Chandlery, Architecture, Work, Elaboration, Assembly, Inhalant, Compound, Providence, Raising, Arrangement, Composing, Fabrication, Manufacture, Proceedings, Drilling, Foundation, Organization, Balm, Instruction, Farsightedness, Instrumentation, Tone painting, Electuary, Adaptation, Furnishing, Spadework, Fitness, Grooming, Farseeingness, Replenishment, Provisioning, Medicament, Provision, Transcription, Discretion, Mining, Purveyance, Longsightedness, Equipment, Prepublication, Drug, Envisagement, Stuff, Basic training, Generic name, Studying, Prefabrication, Exercise, Fitting out, Arrangement, Composition, Medicinal herbs, Cultivation, Prescription drug, Education, Retailing, Prevision, Supplying, Sagacity, Production, Construction, Theraputant, Workmanship, Solution, Readying, Milling, Creation, Devising, Material, Construction, Setting, Drawing up, Foreglimpse, Practice, Devising, Assembling, Smelting, Plans, Finding, Prepping, Selling, Groundwork, Balsam, Planning, Forming, Ethical drug, Formulation, Fashioning, Housebreaking, Assembly, Upbringing, Teaching, Resolution, Harvesting

How to use Preparation in a sentence?

  1. Randy has to prepare well before Game 7 because it will be an important match that will determine whether we win or not.
  2. Drafting agreements.
  3. Preparations for today's event began exactly a year ago, so we were very prepared because it was an important event for us.
  4. Proper preparation before important meetings will help you to become the best you can be today.

Meaning of Preparation & Preparation Definition

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