Premium, Pure

Premium, Pure,

What Does Premium, Pure Mean?

Premium, Pure refers to Synonyms see costs over losses over time

Premium, Pure definition is: The portion of the premium that allows the insurance company to pay for the loss incurred and, in some cases, the premium earned by dividing the loss by the cost of the loss or risk by increasing the commissions, taxes and fees. Is not increased.

Literal Meanings of Premium, Pure


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Price added to price or general cost.

  2. Something is given as a gift, reward or incentive.

Sentences of Premium
  1. Accurately, the income of a pensionable worker consists of the premium paid for his claim in addition to his salary.

  2. Consumers are reluctant to pay more for organic fruits

  3. The Society des Arts gave him a bonus

Synonyms of Premium

extra, additional fee, regular payment, insurance payment, remuneration, insurance charge, instalment, bonus, prize, additional payment, extra charge, recompense, perk, reward, extra amount, surcharge, percentage


Meanings of Pure:
  1. Not adulterated or blended with other substances or substances.

Sentences of Pure
  1. Cars can run on pure alcohol

Synonyms of Pure

unmixed, solid, 100%, uncontaminated, unblended, unadulterated, refined, sterling, unalloyed, one hundred per cent