Premium Capacity

Premium Capacity,

Premium Capacity Meanings:

The total premium amount for all these risks that the insurer can safely cover for a certain period of time. This amount is also in accordance with government regulations and is generally limited to the accounting rules of property insurance companies. To test this eligibility, it is customary to calculate the additional premium paid by the insurance company to the policyholder. To help insurers in the area, insurance is often issued.

Literal Meanings of Premium Capacity


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Price added to price or general cost.

  2. Something is given as a gift, reward or incentive.

Sentences of Premium
  1. Accurately, the earnings of a pensionable worker are made up of the premium paid in addition to his salary for the equivalent claim.

  2. They are reluctant to pay too much for organic fruits

  3. The Society des Arts gave him a bonus

Synonyms of Premium

extra amount, surcharge, additional fee, perk, extra, reward, percentage, prize, bonus, insurance charge, extra charge, instalment, remuneration, regular payment, insurance payment, recompense, additional payment


Meanings of Capacity:
  1. The maximum amount can stop something.

  2. The amount that can be produced.

Sentences of Capacity
  1. The freezing capacity is 1.1 cubic feet

  2. I was hired as a volunteer

Synonyms of Capacity

volume, appointment, efficiency, cubic measure, post, work rate, yield, capacity, productive capacity, output, office, productiveness, job, production, position