Definition of Premises:

  1. Issues or matters raised or referred to in the earlier part of an argument or document. See also premise.

  2. A house or building, together with its land and outbuildings, occupied by a business or considered in an official context.

  3. A building or facility, including the fenced or walled (or demarcated or segregated) space surrounding it.

Synonyms of Premises

Building, Buildings, Property, Site, Establishment, Office, Place, Airspace, Area, Belt, Confines, Continental shelf, Corridor, Country, Department, District, Division, Environs, Ground, Heartland, Hinterland, Land, Milieu, Neighborhood, Offshore rights, Part, Parts, Place, Precincts, Purlieus, Quarter, Region, Salient, Section, Soil, Space, Terrain, Territory, Three-mile limit, Twelve-mile limit, Vicinage, Vicinity, Zone

How to use Premises in a sentence?

  1. The premises brought up in the court document suggested that the accused was, in fact, guilty on all charges, and the jury will find them guilty.
  2. The youth delivered his essay to his teacher. However after reading the essay, the teacher gave the youth a bad score because of his weak premises .
  3. The lawyer stated to the jury, that all other premises , mentioned by the prosecutor where invalid due to his bias towards the defendant.
  4. Business premises.

Meaning of Premises & Premises Definition