How To Define Premises-operations?

General liability is usually covered by insurance. This includes damages that do not pose specific risks to the manufactured operating product, including liability for injuries or damage caused by the insured's premises or the insured activity.

The definition of Premises-operations is: A risk category, which usually includes general liability insurance, includes losses that do not comply with the specific product, risk from full operations, including injuries from insurance or insurance company facilities or Liability for damage. Business operations during these operations. They are in class

Literal Meanings of Premises-operations


Meanings of Premises:
  1. Houses or buildings in which land and dependents are owned by the company or built in a government context.

Sentences of Premises
  1. Office building

Synonyms of Premises

buildings, office, place, site, building, property, establishment


Meanings of Operations:
  1. Actions to stay active or genuine.

  2. Surgical intervention in patients.

  3. Organizational activities involving multiple people.

  4. The process by which numbers, quantities, impressions, etc. Manipulation according to modified or regular rules, such as addition, multiplication and subtraction.

Sentences of Operations
  1. The limited role of market forces

  2. I haven't felt better since my bypass surgery.

  3. Rescue operation

  4. Problems can be created that include all the math additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.

Synonyms of Operations

surgical intervention, campaign, functioning, major surgery, performance, manoeuvre, surgical operation, job, behaviour, step, minor surgery, exercise, business, enterprise, working, process, running, affair, procedure, action, activity, undertaking, surgery