Definition of Prejudice:

  1. Creating prejudice with (one's own) prejudice

  2. Common: Impressions of irrationality and prejudice that lead to preferential treatment of some people and unwanted prejudice or hostility to others due to ignorance (or complete contradiction) of facts. Prejudice literally means prejudice.

  3. Loss or injury may be the result of an action or decision.

  4. Failure (facts)

  5. Law: Damage or prejudice against the rights of one party as a result of legal claims of one party or actions of another party. See without prejudice and prejudice.

  6. Ideas offered that are not based on reason or actual experience.

Synonyms of Prejudice

Proclivity, Preapprehension, Scathe, Be prejudicial to, Detriment, Color, Partiality, Injury, Despoil, Partisanship, Warp, Spoil, Soft spot, Prepossess, Mar, Slant, Aptness, Predispose, Preconsideration, Racism, Susceptibility, Loss, Destroy, Presupposal, Parti pris, Handicap, Harass, Cup of tea, Poison, Bigotry, Bend, Liability, Warp, Mischief, Dispose, Personal choice, A thing for, Fancy, Aptitude, Penchant, Mar, Impair, Inequality, Eagerness, Jaundice, Undermine, Get into trouble, Persecute, Disposition, Make partisan, Vitiate, Influence, Drawback, Prejudice against, Proneness, Make partial, Do evil, Sway, Taint, Be disadvantageous to, Blight, Taste, Harm, Preconception, Hex, One-sidedness, Liking, Injure, Do ill, Abuse, Loss, Impairment, Impairment, Preconclusion, Disadvantage, Hurt, Undetachment, Type, Thing, Colour, Pollute, Preconceived idea, Predetermination, Presupposition, Wreak havoc on, Prejudge, Bias, Willingness, Harm, Damage, Detriment, Twist, Unfairness, Harm, Forejudgment, Tarnish, Sexism, Do wrong, Presurmise, Favoritism, Partialism, Prepossession, Curse, Wound, Conduciveness, Drive a nail into the coffin of, Torment, Weakness, Leaning, Propensity, Preconception, Molest, Condemn, Skew, Predisposition, Savage, Befoul, Do a mischief, Bias, Be deleterious to, Impair, Tendency, Menace, Threaten, Spoil, Feeling for, Affinity, Blemish, Hinder, Aggrieve, Sensitivity to, Distress, Prejudice the issue, Turn, Injure, Prejudgment, Chosen kind, Outrage, Bewitch, Apartheid, Compromise, Injury, Predispose, Wrong, Presumption, Jinx, Undispassionateness, Incline, Step backward, Tropism, Inclination, Racialism, Corrupt, Bent, Deprave, Jaundiced eye, Cronyism, Slant, Druthers, Hurt, Do wrong by, Hurt, Predilection, Loss of ground, Preconceived notion, Make biased, Twist, Premature judgment, Torture, Poison, Damage, Envenom, Play havoc with, Jaundice, Crucify, Delight, Maltreat, Distort, Distort, Be detrimental to, Male chauvinism, Preference, Disserve, Doom, Prenotion, Damage, Particular choice, Conatus, Angle, Mistreat, Disadvantage, Style, Sway, Infect, Probability, Defile, Violate, Diathesis, Prejudication, Afflict, Play hob with, Predecision, Cast, Favor, Readiness, Discrimination, Intolerance, Influence, Bag

How to use Prejudice in a sentence?

  1. Women often face gender bias in the workplace, which makes them more likely to be sexually harassed or neglected in their promotion.
  2. Most Americans use prejudice against foreigners, claiming that they have certain behaviors related to their race or heritage.
  3. This statement may cost the jury.
  4. It is not good to be prejudiced against buying a used car because the engines are often still powerful, although the exterior can look old and rusty.
  5. Prejudice to delay the process.
  6. This delay may be detrimental to the child's well-being.
  7. English language prejudice against foreigners.

Meaning of Prejudice & Prejudice Definition


How Do You Define Prejudice?

  • Definition of Prejudice: Unjustified harm to either party.

Meanings of Prejudice

  1. Prejudice through prejudice (to someone)

  2. Causing harm (for trouble)

  3. Predictable ideas that are not based on reason or actual experience.

  4. Damage or injury that may or may not result from an act or decision.

Sentences of Prejudice

  1. The statement may be detrimental to the jury.

  2. Delay can affect the best interests of the child.

  3. Prejudice against people from different backgrounds

  4. Damage due to delay in starting the process

Synonyms of Prejudice

bias , disrelish , mindset , tilt , antipathy , aversion , illiberality , spleen , contemptuousness , detriment , misjudgment , unfairness , injustice , partiality , racism , jaundiced eye , slant , prejudgment , ageism , enmity , one-sidedness , preconception , twist , disgust , sexism , warp , apartheid


Prejudice Meanings:

Unjust loss to any party.

Meanings of Prejudice

  1. Preconceived notions that are not based on reason or actual experience.

  2. Prejudice or harm that arises or may result from an action or decision.

  3. Cause prejudice (to someone)

  4. Loss (country)

Sentences of Prejudice

  1. Prejudice with people from different backgrounds.

  2. Damage due to late start of the process.

  3. This statement could be detrimental to the jury.

Synonyms of Prejudice

prejudgement, disbenefit