Pregnancy Milk and Baby

In the modern era of perfect body shape, mothers usually feel reluctant due to a myth of an increase in breast size. You might have encountered a myth that breast size becomes large due to breastfeeding. This is totally a misconception because size increases due to fast storage just like other parts of the body. But actually, there are various disadvantages of no breastfeeding not only to yourself but also to your baby.

Does your beauty matter a lot more than your motherhood? Obviously, not. Then why are you thinking about such myths? Whether you are pregnant or thinking about conceiving a baby, no one can ever force you to breastfeed. As it’s your personal decision, take it rightly by keeping in view the health of your baby.

Pregnancy Milk and its Time period

Breastfeeding is actually the feeding of your baby with the milk directly coming from your breasts. Well, the production of milk from the breast doesn’t start after fertility but does after pregnancy. Due to the increase of prolactin, pregnancy milk starts to produce from the breast after 16-22 weeks.

No need to worry if your breast starts leaking milk during pregnancy. Because it’s a normal symptom of milk production depicting you are able to breastfeed your baby. According to gynecologists, the first mother feeding the baby during the first 12 hours of his birth is very essential for ensuring the health and strong immunity of your child.

As your baby can’t start immediate intake of food after birth, you should continue breastfeeding for at least up to 6 months. The fact is it depends upon the starvation and capacity of your baby. Some babies like to have frequent feeding after every 2-3 hours while others go for long feeding after 4-5 hours. So, you just need to monitor when your baby is feeling hungry.
Benefits of Pregnancy Milk for Your Baby

Despite advice from doctors, people usually neglect the most beneficial thing for their infants. If you are taking a number of appointments for vaccinations but not feeding breast milk to your baby, you are preferring an artificial immunity over a natural one. Have a look at some of the benefits of breastfeeding for your baby.

• Breast milk is ideal nutrition consisting of all vitamins and proteins necessary for the development and growth of your infant.

• Breast milk is more digestible and light than formulated milk.

• It reduces the risk of allergy, ear infections, diarrhea, and asthma in your baby, especially during the breastfeeding period.

• Breast milk strengthens the immune system of your baby. The antibodies present in it protect your baby from bacterial and viral infections.

• Breastfeeding is somehow related to more intelligence afterward in life. According to a survey, children with high IQ scores were breastfed in their earlier life as compared to others.

• There are fewer chances of becoming diabetic and obese for breastfeeding babies.

Moreover, the first feed after birth is very important. Because feeding breast milk for the first time protects your infant from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Benefits of Pregnancy Milk for Mother

As women get overweight during pregnancy, they start to starve to lose weight. But starving is not only harmful to you but also for your baby. You will be amazed to know that you can burn extra calories by doing nothing. Yes, breastfeeding helps in burning extra calories which results in getting rid of pregnancy weight .
Furthermore, oxytocin is released during breastfeeding.

The release of oxytocin aids you in returning your uterus to the previous size. It also helps in fast healing and reducing bleeding. If you feed your infant with your breast milk, there are fewer chances of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. Moreover, there is a lower risk of osteoporosis that will keep your bones strong.

What should you do in case of low Pregnancy Milk supply?

Firstly, there is a need to check whether your baby is not drinking enough milk or your breast is not producing enough lactation. If there is a deficiency in the milk production from your breast, you can use supplemented or formulated milk. Along with breast milk, supplement milk will give your baby complete nutrition.

But if there is some problem with milk ejection, you should consult your physician. In this condition, physicians usually recommend massaging your breast gently before feeding. You should also sit in a relaxed position to increase milk flow from your breast. So, your calm mind is responsible for more lactation in your breast.


In short, there is no such disadvantage of mother feeding as are myths. In fact, the first pregnancy milk colostrum is much more beneficial for ensuring a healthy life for your baby. So, you should start breastfeeding immediately after the birth of your baby to ensure the health of yourself as well as your baby.