Preferred Rewards

Preferred Rewards,

What is The Definition of Preferred Rewards?

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Literal Meanings of Preferred Rewards


Meanings of Preferred:
  1. Loving (one thing or one person) is better than another or tends to make another choice.

  2. Submit (phone or information) for review.

  3. Promote (someone) to a position of prestige or move on.

Sentences of Preferred
  1. The police will file a complaint

Synonyms of Preferred

put forward, proffer, lean towards, would rather, elevate, tender, move up, lay, think preferable, advance, offer, be more partial to, raise, lodge, would sooner have, incline towards, would sooner, propose, would rather have, present, promote, upgrade, aggrandize, press, like better, favour, place, submit, file, bring


Meanings of Rewards:
  1. Give (someone) something in recognition of their service, effort, or success.

  2. Something is given in recognition of service, effort, or success.

Sentences of Rewards
  1. The engineer overseeing the work was awarded an MBE

  2. Vacation is a gift of 40 years of service

Synonyms of Rewards

purse, give a present to, honour, give an award to, bonus, advantage, profit, recognize, remunerate, plus, give a bounty to, decoration, decorate, recompense, winnings, benefit, tip, pay, prize money, requite, premium, make something worth someone's while, prize, award