Definition of Precedence:

  1. The condition of being considered more important than someone or something else; priority in importance, order, or rank.

  2. Order, preference, or priority in place, rank, status, or time.

Synonyms of Precedence

Take priority over, Be considered more important than, Be considered more urgent than, Outweigh, Supersede, Prevail over, Come before, Accent, Accomplishment, Antecedence, Antecedency, Antedate, Antedating, Anteposition, Anteriority, Anticipation, Ascendancy, Authority, Caste, Class, Concern, Concernment, Condition, Consequence, Consequentiality, Consideration, Deanship, Earlier state, Earliness, Echelon, Eminence, Emphasis, Excellence, Favor, Footing, Foregoing, Front, Greatness, Heading, Hierarchy, High order, High rank, Import, Importance, Incomparability, Influence, Influentialness, Inimitability, Interest, Le pas, Lead, Leading, Majority, Mark, Materiality, Merit, Moment, Note, One-upmanship, Order, Paramountcy, Past time, Place, Position, Power structure, Precedency, Preceding, Precession, Precursor, Predating, Predominance, Predomination, Preeminence, Preexistence, Preference, Preponderance, Prepotence, Prepotency, Prerogative, Pressure, Prestige, Primacy, Priority, Privilege, Prominence, Rank, Rate, Rating, Right-of-way, Self-importance, Seniority, Significance, Skill, Sphere, Stage, Standing, Station, Stature, Status, Status quo ante, Stress, Success, Superiority, Supremacy, The lead, Transcendence, Transcendency, Value, Van, Virtuosity, Weight, Weightiness, Worth

How to use Precedence in a sentence?

  1. His desire for power soon took precedence over any other consideration.

Meaning of Precedence & Precedence Definition