Pre-claim Advice Credit

Pre-claim Advice Credit,

Pre-claim Advice Credit means,

  • A provision in professional liability insurance that provides a reduction (or deduction) if the insured declares a claim on which the claim is based before the claim is reported. The purpose of this provision is to encourage policyholders to prepare reports that allow the insurance company to advise on how to handle the situation, usually through a lawyer chosen by the insurance company. For example, if an insured employee consults an insurance employment adviser before dismissing an employee, the insured will be instructed on how to minimize the chances of unfair dismissal (e.g. references). ۔

Literal Meanings of Pre-claim Advice Credit


Meanings of Pre:
  1. Before


Meanings of Claim:
  1. Clarify or acknowledge that something happened, usually without evidence or proof.

  2. Confirming the truth of something that is often controversial or questionable.

  3. A request or request for something that has been deemed due.

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  1. Claiming to come from a rich and educated family

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Meanings of Advice:
  1. Sug Suggestions or recommendations for future wise actions.

  2. Formal notification of financial transactions.

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Sentences of Advice
  1. Visited the island on the advice of his doctor

  2. Reference Tips

  3. Lack of new council in Europe

Synonyms of Advice

advising, word, enlightenment, intelligence, instruction, news, counsel, guidance, information, intimation, counselling, direction, help


Meanings of Credit:
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  3. Belief (no wonder or impossible)

  4. The ability of the user to receive goods or services prior to payment based on the belief that payment will be made in the future.

  5. Posts that record the amount received are listed on the right or in the Accounts column.

  6. Public acknowledgment or appreciation, usually given or received when someone's responsibility for an action or idea becomes clear.

  7. Completion of the course or confirmation of the student's activity, which will be given to the title or diploma listed in the school register.

  8. The quality is reliable or credited.

Sentences of Credit
  1. The script is attributed to an American author and two Japanese authors

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