Pre-accident Condition

Pre-accident Condition,

Pre-accident Condition Meanings:

  1. Including pre-accident vehicle condition, non-accidental damage, mileage, options and other factors.

Literal Meanings of Pre-accident Condition


Meanings of Pre:
  1. Before


Meanings of Accident:
  1. An unfortunate event that occurs unexpectedly and unintentionally, often resulting in loss or injury.

  2. An event that happens by accident or for no apparent or intentional reason.

  3. (In Aristotle's thought) Owning something that is not necessary for its nature.

Sentences of Accident
  1. There was an accident in the factory

  2. Pregnancy is an accident

  3. There is a new element of existence, which Oceana sees as an opportunity, in relation to things.

Synonyms of Accident

problem, coincidence, mishap, mischance, calamity, twist of fate, injury, hazard, chance, difficulty, contretemps, freak, blow, tragedy, disaster, catastrophe, misadventure, trouble, unfortunate incident, mere chance, misfortune


Meanings of Condition:
  1. Having or determining a significant influence (shape or result of something)

  2. Bring (some) to the desired condition for use.

  3. Apply conditioner to (hair)

  4. Set a condition before (something) happens or before it happens.

  5. The condition of an object in terms of appearance, quality or operational condition.

  6. Circumstances that affect the way people live or work, including their safety or well-being.

  7. A state that must exist or be possible or allowed before anything else.

Sentences of Condition
  1. National elections are subject to the international political economy.

  2. I style my hair regularly

  3. Wiring in good condition

  4. In order for a member to borrow money, three conditions must be met:

Synonyms of Condition

qualification, build up, nourish, requirement, make healthy, constrain, state, precondition, constraint, process, tone, temper, treat, provision, rule, govern, tone up, control, specification, circumstances, surroundings, ready, make ready, acclimate, shape, adjust, improve, prerequisite, prepare, get something into shape