Praying the rosary

Praying the rosary

The steps of praying the Rosary are:

  • Make the Sign of the Cross and state the “Missionaries’ Creed”

  • State the “Our Father”

  • State three “Hail Marys” for Faith, Hope, and Charity

  • State the “Magnificence Be”

  • Report the First Mystery and afterward state the “Our Father”

  • State ten “Hail Marys” while thinking about the Mystery

  • State the “Magnificence Be” (Optional: Say the “O My Jesus” supplication mentioned by Mary at Fatima)

  • Report the Next Mystery; at that point say the “Our Father” and rehash these means (6 through 8) as you proceed through the rest of the Mysteries.

  • State the end supplications: the “Hail Holy Queen” and “Last Prayer”

  • Make the “Indication of the Cross”

Pope Saint John Paul II proposed the recitation of the Rosary as follows: the JOYFUL secrets Monday and Saturday, the LUMINOUS on Thursday, the SORROWFUL on Tuesday and Friday, and the GLORIOUS on Wednesday and Sunday (with this special case; Sundays of Advent and Christmas – the JOYFUL; Sundays of Lent – the SORROWFUL).

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