PRAM model

PRAM model,

Definition of PRAM model:

  1. Sequence of steps followed in any type of negotiation: (1) Planning for agreement, (2) Building relationships, (3) Reaching agreement, and (4) Maintaining relationships.

  2. The PRAM model was developed to help parties deal with the entire negotiation process from beginning to end. The process was developed by author and speaker Ross Reck. .

  3. The PRAM model is a four-step model for negotiation that is intended to result in a win-win situation for both parties. PRAM is an acronym for the words "Plans, Relationships, Agreement, and Maintenance.".

How to use PRAM model in a sentence?

  1. The PRAM model attempts to provide a negotiation path in which both parties benefit, as opposed to one benefiting at a cost to the other.
  2. The four sequential steps in the PRAM model are adequate planning, building relationships, reaching agreements, and maintaining these relationships.
  3. The PRAM model was developed by author and speaker Ross Reck. .

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