Prairie Dogging

Prairie Dogging,

Prairie Dogging means,

  • Definition of Prairie Dogging: This is what happens when someone who works in an office cubicle with an open floor plan falls or screams and everyone sticks to their head through the partition to see what happens. Is.

Literal Meanings of Prairie Dogging


Meanings of Prairie:
  1. Large areas of open grassland, especially in the Mississippi Valley.

  2. A 262-wheel steam locomotive.

Sentences of Prairie
  1. With them, they managed to dramatize the plains, the meadow, the meadow and the meadow.

Synonyms of Prairie

open country, meadowland, savannah, steppe, lowland, prairie, pasture, grassland, flatland


Meanings of Dogging:
  1. The act of viewing or participating in explicit sexual activity in public places.