Definition of Pragmatic:

  1. Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

  2. Practical, such as a solution that is attainable and focused on factual information.

Synonyms of Pragmatic

Cyrenaic, Eleatic, Epicurean, Megarian, Stoic, Advantageous, Animist, Animistic, Appropriate, Atomistic, Balanced, Banausic, Beneficial, Commodious, Commonsense, Cool, Coolheaded, Cosmotheistic, Down-to-earth, Earthy, Eclectic, Effective, Effectual, Efficient, Empirical, Employable, Eudaemonistic, Existential, Expedient, Feasible, Fitting, Functional, Good for, Hard, Hard-boiled, Hardheaded, Hedonic, Hedonist, Hedonistic, Helpful, Humanist, Humanistic, Idealistic, Instrumentalist, Levelheaded, Logical, Materialistic, Matter-of-fact, Mechanistic, Metaphysical, Monistic, Naturalistic, Nominalist, Of general utility, Of help, Of service, Of use, Operable, Panlogistical, Pantheistic, Philosophical, Positivist, Positivistic, Practicable, Practical, Practical-minded, Pragmatical, Pragmatist, Proper, Rational, Rationalistic, Realist, Realistic, Realizable, Reasonable, Sane, Scholastic, Scientific, Scientistic, Secular, Sensationalistic, Sensible, Serviceable, Sober, Sober-minded, Sound, Sound-thinking, Straight-thinking, Syncretistic, Theistic, Transcendentalist, Transcendentalistic, Unideal, Unidealistic, Unromantic, Unsentimental, Useful, Utilitarian, Vitalistic, Voluntarist, Voluntaristic, Well-balanced, Workable, Worldly, Empirical, Hands-on, Pragmatic, Real, Actual, Active, Applied, Experiential, Experimental, Non-theoretical, In the field

How to use Pragmatic in a sentence?

  1. A pragmatic approach to politics.

Meaning of Pragmatic & Pragmatic Definition