Definition of Pragmatic:

  1. Treat things fairly and realistically, in a way that is practical rather than ideological.

  2. Practice as a workable evidence-based solution.

Synonyms of Pragmatic

Appropriate, Real, Practical-minded, Realist, Cyrenaic, Good for, Theistic, Of help, Sensationalistic, Expedient, Scientific, Helpful, Voluntaristic, Animistic, Efficient, Unromantic, Non-theoretical, Sober, Practical, Levelheaded, Panlogistical, Atomistic, Naturalistic, Utilitarian, Commodious, Rationalistic, Experiential, Secular, Pragmatical, Of general utility, Realistic, Reasonable, Hands-on, Hedonistic, Feasible, Sound, Monistic, Nominalist, Balanced, Unsentimental, Syncretistic, Hardheaded, Pragmatic, Employable, Coolheaded, Megarian, Hedonic, Logical, Vitalistic, Transcendentalist, Operable, Transcendentalistic, Straight-thinking, Scientistic, Down-to-earth, Workable, Empirical, Mechanistic, Beneficial, Useful, Positivist, Realizable, Eleatic, Hedonist, ■■■■■■■■ Eclectic, Serviceable, Scholastic, Epicurean, Earthy, Rational, Experimental, Empirical, Pantheistic, Banausic, Eudaemonistic, Sensible, Philosophical, Cosmotheistic, Humanistic, Matter-of-fact, In the field, Effectual, Stoic, Sane, Existential, Positivistic, Metaphysical, Humanist, Sound-thinking, Unideal, Instrumentalist, Actual, Proper, Voluntarist, Materialistic, Of use, Pragmatist, Practicable, Functional, Advantageous, Idealistic, Animist, Worldly, Commonsense, Sober-minded, Well-balanced, Active, Applied, Hard-boiled, Cool, Unidealistic, Hard, Of service, Effective

How to use Pragmatic in a sentence?

  1. A practical approach to politics

Meaning of Pragmatic & Pragmatic Definition