Definition of Practical:

  1. (of an idea, plan, or method) likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances; feasible.

  2. So nearly the case that it can be regarded as so; virtual.

  3. Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.

  4. Idea, project, or scheme that can be effective or put to a use.

Synonyms of Practical

Empirical, Hands-on, Pragmatic, Real, Actual, Active, Applied, Experiential, Experimental, Non-theoretical, In the field, Virtual, Effective, In effect, Achievable, Actable, Adaptable, Advantageous, Appliable, Applicable, Applied, Appropriate, Attainable, Balanced, Banausic, Beneficial, Breadwinning, Businesslike, Commercial, Commodious, Commonsense, Compassable, Compliant, Constructive, Convenient, Cool, Coolheaded, Doable, Down-to-earth, Ductile, Earthy, Effective, Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient, Empirical, Employable, Everyday, Expedient, Exploitable, Feasible, Field, ■■■■■■■■ Flexible, Foolproof, Functional, Go, Good for, Handy, Hard, Hard-boiled, Hard-nosed, Hardheaded, Helpful, Hoaxproof, Judicious, Levelheaded, Logical, Malleable, Manageable, Maneuverable, Manipulable, Manipulatable, Materialistic, Matter-of-fact, Moneymaking, Mundane, Negotiable, Not born yesterday, Of general utility, Of help, Of service, Of use, Old, Old-time, Operable, Operatable, Operational, Operative, Ordinary, Overcomable, Performable, Personal, Philosophical, Pliable, Pliant, Positivistic, Practicable, Practical-minded, Practiced, Pragmatic, Pragmatical, Proper, Prosaic, Rational, Realist, Realistic, Realizable, Reasonable, Reusable, Sane, Scientific, Scientistic, Seasoned, Secular, Sensible, Serviceable, Skilled, Sober, Sober-minded, Sophisticated, Sound, Sound-thinking, Straight-thinking, Superable, Surmountable, Tough-minded, Tractable, Uncullible, Undeceivable, Undeludable, Undupable, Unfoolable, Ungullible, Unhoaxable, Unideal, Unidealistic, Unromantic, Unseduceable, Unsentimental, Untroublesome, Usable, Useable, Useful, Utilitarian, Utilizable, Versed, Vet, Veteran, Viable, Virtual, Well-balanced, Wieldable, Wieldy, Wise, Workable, Workaday, Workday, Working, Worldly, Yielding, Feasible, Practicable, Realistic, Viable, Workable, Possible, Within the bounds of possibility, Within the realms of possibility, Reasonable, Sensible, Useful, Helpful, Constructive

How to use Practical in a sentence?

  1. Neither of these strategies is practical for smaller businesses.
  2. It was a practical certainty that he would try to raise more money.
  3. There are two obvious practical applications of the research.

Meaning of Practical & Practical Definition

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