Practical nurse

Practical nurse,

Definition of Practical nurse:

  1. A licensed nurse who aids patients in performing everyday tasks, for example, eating, bathing, and moving around. This type of nurse is not able to dispense medicine.

  2. A nurse who has completed a training course of a lower standard than a registered nurse, especially one who is licensed by the state to perform certain duties (a licensed practical nurse).

How to use Practical nurse in a sentence?

  1. The total number of nursing staff employed (including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and patient care technicians) was obtained from the nurse manager for each unit.

Meaning of Practical nurse & Practical nurse Definition

Practical Nurse,

Practical Nurse:

  1. Practical Nurse means: Registered nurses who provide online services, such as walking, bathing, eating, etc. Nursing assistants do not provide treatment or other rigorous medical services.

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Meanings of Practical:
  1. Or dealing with the actual creation or use of things instead of ideas and theories.

  2. (Idea, plan or method) which is successful or effective in realistic situations.

  3. It's almost as if it's virtual.

Sentences of Practical
  1. There are two clear practical applications for research.

  2. None of these strategies work for small businesses.

  3. It was a practical belief that he would try to raise as much money as possible

Synonyms of Practical

viable, empirical, effective, helpful, constructive, non-theoretical, active, within the realms of possibility, feasible, reasonable, in the field, experimental, in effect, sensible, workable, within the bounds of possibility, realistic, practicable, experiential, hands-on, pragmatic, actual, virtual, applied, real, possible, useful


Meanings of Nurse:
  1. Someone trained to care for the sick, especially in a hospital.

  2. Providing medical and other care for (sick people)

  3. Breastfeed a baby).

  4. Try to throw the (ball) stopping punches together.

  5. Australian gray sharks from northern coastal waters.

Sentences of Nurse
  1. To become valuable health professionals, nurses need to participate in lifelong learning.

  2. Treat a child with a serious illness

  3. The woman breastfed her baby

Synonyms of Nurse

attendant, feed, attend to, wet-nurse, suckle, care for, look after, caregiver, breastfeed, take care of, minister to, tend