Pp Real Estate

Pp Real Estate

What does inherited and accepted PP mean in the real estate market? 3

Today I looked at the usage list and saw some references that I couldn't find. Can anyone explain what is meant by succession and approval of PPP?

I would also like to know that when a used car is sold without service and without warranty, the buyer is suspicious, so the buyer should be careful?

I am a tenant, but I am trying to serve him for a while, so I am trying to educate myself. Thanks in advance :)

Succession lawsuit or inheritance or succession and the right to acquire assets by will or succession.

Penalty or maybe a refund ... not sure.

The property is covered 24 hours a day with warranty and ■■■. All I need is a check. You may not have the right to fix hidden faults, but at least you know what is wrong with the property and how it can be fixed.

Pp Real Estate