Definition of Power:

  1. Supply (a device) with mechanical or electrical energy.

  2. The number of times a certain number is to be multiplied by itself.

  3. Energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical, or other means and used to operate a device.

  4. The time-rate of doing work, measured in watts or less frequently horsepower.

  5. Physical strength and force exerted by something or someone.

  6. The ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.

  7. Ability to cause or prevent an action, make things happen; the discretion to act or not act. Opposite of disability, it differs from a right in that it has no accompanying duties.

  8. The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

  9. Move or travel with great speed or force.

  10. Law: (1) An instrument transferring or vesting legal authorization. (2) The ability conferred on a person by law to determine and alter (by his or her own will) the rights, duties, liabilities, and other legal relations, of himself or others.

Synonyms of Power

Strength, Powerfulness, Might, Force, Forcefulness, Mightiness, Weight, Vigour, Energy, Intensity, Potency, Electrified, Charged, Powered, Connected, Active, Switched on, Energy, Electrical power, Nuclear power, Solar power, Steam power, Water power, Establishment, VIP, Ability, Able, Absolute power, Absolutism, Acme, Activity, Actuate, Administration, Ally, Ampleness, Amplitude, Animate, Appurtenance, Aptitude, Archduchy, Archdukedom, Ascendancy, Authoritative, Authoritativeness, Authorities, Authority, Authorization, Baron, Barrel, Be-all and end-all, Beef, Bent, Big gun, Big man, Big name, Bigwig, Birthright, Bite, Bitingness, Blue ribbon, Body politic, Boundlessness, Brass, Brass hat, Brawn, Buffer state, Bulk, Bump, Caliber, Capability, Capable, Capacity, Capital, Captive nation, Celebrity, Championship, Charisma, Charm, Chieftaincy, Chieftainry, City-state, Claim, Claws, Clout, Clutches, Colony, Command, Commonweal, Commonwealth, Compel, Competence, Competency, Competent, Compulsion, Conjugal right, Consequence, Constituted authority, Control, Convincing, Country, County, Credit, Cuttingness, Decisiveness, Delegated authority, Demand, Demonic energy, Devices, Dignitary, Dignity, Dint, Direction, Directorship, Disposable resources, Disposition, Divine right, Domain, Dominance, Dominant, Domination, Dominion, Dower, Dowry, Drag, Drive, Drive on, Driving force, Droit, Duchy, Due, Dukedom, Dynamic, Dynamism, Earldom, Effect, Effective, Effectiveness, Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient, Elder, Electricity, Eminence, Empery, Empire, Enchantment, Endowment, Endurance, Energetic, Energy, Enormity, Enormousness, Equipment, Ergal, Esteem, Expanse, Faculty, Father, Favor, Figure, First place, First prize, Fixity of purpose, Flair, Force, Forceful, Forcefulness, Forcible, Formidableness, Forte, Fortitude, Forward, Free city, Fuel, Fullness, Function, Funds, Genius, Gift, Gigantism, Give an impetus, Give momentum, Goad, Good feeling, Governance, Government, Grand duchy, Grandeur, Grandness, Grasp, Great, Great man, Great scope, Greatness, Grip, Gripe, Guts, Gutsiness, Hand, Hands, Hardiness, Headship, Heartiness, Hegemony, Height, Helm, Highest, Hold, Hugeness, Immensity, Impel, Impellent, Impelling force, Imperium, Impetus, Importance, Important person, Impressiveness, Impulse, Impulsion, Inalienable right, Incentive, Incidental power, Incisiveness, Incite, Incitement, Incumbents, Indirect authority, Inertia, Infinity, Influence, Influential, Influentiality, Inherent authority, Insinuation, Instinct, Intensity, Interest, Interests, Intestinal fortitude, Invincible, Iron hand, Iron will, Irresistible force, Jurisdiction, Jus divinum, Kinetic energy, Kingdom, Kingship, Knack, Land, Largeness, Lashings, Lawful authority, Leadership, Legal authority, Legitimacy, Leverage, Lion, Long suit, Lords of creation, Lordship, Lot, Lump, Lustiness, Magisterialness, Magnate, Magnetism, Magnitude, Makings, Man of mark, Management, Mandant, Mandate, Mandated territory, Mandatee, Mandatory, Mass, Masterdom, Mastership, Mastery, Maximum, Means, Mess, Method, Metier, Might, Mightiness, Mighty, Mogul, Moment, Momentum, Moral courage, Moral fiber, Mordancy, Most, Motivate, Motive power, Mountain, Move, Much, Muchness, Muscle, Nabob, Name, Nation, Nationality, Natural endowment, Natural gift, Natural right, Ne plus ultra, Nervosity, Nervousness, New high, Notability, Notable, Obstinacy, Palms, Panjandrum, Paramountcy, Parts, Peck, Person of renown, Personage, Personality, Persuasion, Pillar of society, Plenitude, Poignancy, Polis, Polity, Possession, Potence, Potency, Potent, Potential, Potential energy, Potentiality, Powder, Power elite, Powerful, Powerfulness, Powers, Powers that be, Predominance, Preponderance, Prerogative, Prescription, Presidency, Pressure, Prestige, Presumptive right, Pretense, Pretension, Primacy, Principality, Principate, Privilege, Prodigiousness, Propel, Proper claim, Property right, Propulsion, Protectorate, Province, Puissance, Puissant, Pull, Punch, Puppet government, Puppet regime, Purchase, Put in motion, Qualification, Raj, Realm, Record, Recourses, Regality, Regnancy, Reign, Reins of government, Republic, Repute, Resorts, Resources, Right, Rightful authority, Robustness, Royal prerogative, Ruggedness, Rule, Ruling circle, Sachem, Satellite, Say, Seneschalty, Set agoing, Set going, Set in motion, Settlement, Sight, Sinew, Sinewiness, Skill, Somebody, Something, Sovereign nation, Sovereignty, Speciality, Stalwartness, Stamina, State, Staying power, Steam, Sticking power, Stock, Stoutness, Strength, Strength of mind, Strength of purpose, Strength of will, Strenuous, Strenuousness, Strings, Strong arm, Strong flair, Strong language, Strong point, Stupendousness, Sturdiness, Suasion, Subtle influence, Suggestion, Sultanate, Superiority, Superpower, Supply, Supremacy, Sway, Talent, Talents, Talons, Territory, The goods, The great, The say, The say-so, The stuff, The top, Thrust, Title, Top brass, Top people, Top spot, Toparchia, Toparchy, Toughness, Tremendousness, Trenchancy, Turn, Tycoon, Upper hand, Vastness, Very important person, Vested authority, Vested interest, Vested right, Vicarious authority, Vigor, Vigorous, Vigorousness, Virtue, Vitality, Voltage, Warrant, Ways, Ways and means, Weight, Weighty, What it takes, Wherewith, Wherewithal, Whip hand, Whip on, Wieldy, Will, Will of iron, Will power, Worthy, Zenith, Power, Propel, Move, Push, Influence, Power, Authority, Weight, Sway, Control, Say, Ascendancy, Dominance, Advantage, Pressure, Edge, Standing, Prestige, Rank, Ability, Capacity, Capability, Potential, Potentiality, Faculty, Property, Competence, Competency

How to use Power in a sentence?

  1. The power of the storm.
  2. The power of speech.
  3. The politician got drunk with power and passed two crazy laws right after he won the election against his enemy in landslide fashion.
  4. John established a company which produced millions of dollars annually, in five years he became the man with the most power in the country.
  5. Generating power from waste.
  6. 2 to the power of 4 equals 16.
  7. The car is powered by a fuel-injected 3.0-liter engine.
  8. Spectral analysis provides a measure of power in the different frequency bands in the EEG.
  9. She had me under her power.
  10. A Judge of the court has the power to send you to jail for not answering all the questions honestly.
  11. They powered past the dock toward the mouth of the creek.

Meaning of Power & Power Definition

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