Power plant

Power plant,

Definition of Power plant:

  1. Station created to produce electricity.

Synonyms of Power plant

Action and reaction, Aeromotor, Appliance, Armory, Arsenal, Assembly line, Assembly plant, Atomic energy plant, Atomic power plant, Bindery, Boatyard, Boilery, Bookbindery, Brewery, Brickyard, Cannery, Central station, Convenience, Creamery, Dairy, Defense plant, Distillery, Dockyard, Drive, Engine, Enginery, Facility, Factory, Factory belt, Factory district, Feeder plant, Fixture, Flour mill, Hydroelectric plant, Industrial park, Industrial zone, Jet power, Jet propulsion, Machine, Machinery, Main plant, Manufactory, Manufacturing plant, Manufacturing quarter, Mechanical aid, Mechanical device, Mechanism, Mill, Mint, Motive power, Motor, Munitions plant, Oil refinery, Packing house, Plant, Pottery, Power source, Power station, Powerhouse, Production line, Push-button plant, Ram-jet propulsion, Reaction, Reaction propulsion, Refinery, Resojet propulsion, Rocket power, Rocket propulsion, Sawmill, Shipyard, Subassembly plant, Sugar refinery, Tannery, Turbojet propulsion, Utility, Winery, Yard, Yards

Meaning of Power plant & Power plant Definition