Poverty line

Poverty line,

Definition of Poverty line:

  1. Standard family income threshold (set by each state and revised occasionally) below which the family is officially classified as poor and entitled to welfare assistance.

  2. The estimated minimum level of income needed to secure the necessities of life.

How to use Poverty line in a sentence?

  1. Some social service organizations, such as the federally funded Head Start program, give preference to low-income clients whose income falls at or below the poverty line .
  2. When the poverty line was set, the family realized they didnt make enough to qualify, so they were in-turn qualified to receive funds from the government.
  3. As a result of her job loss, Mary Annes level of income slipped below the poverty line and she could now apply for public assistance.
  4. The many elderly who rely on low state pensions, but who resist means testing, suffer incomes below the poverty line.

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