Potentially Responsible Party (PRP)

Potentially Responsible Party (PRP),

What is The Meaning of Potentially Responsible Party (PRP)?

  • Any person or organization, including owners, operators, transport companies or manufacturers, may be responsible for or contribute to leaks or other contamination at superfund sites. Wherever possible, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) takes administrative and legal action to ensure that PRPs are required to clean up illegal websites that they have contaminated.

Literal Meanings of Potentially Responsible Party (PRP)


Meanings of Potentially:
  1. With the ability to develop or stand in the future.

Sentences of Potentially
  1. New available oil can bring down prices


Meanings of Responsible:
  1. It is one's duty to do or take care of someone in one's work or work.

Sentences of Responsible
  1. Educational services

Synonyms of Responsible

charged with, in charge of, in control of, at the helm of, liable for, accountable for


Meanings of Party:
  1. A gathering of guests, usually involving food, drink and entertainment.

  2. Formally formed political groups that typically operate at the national level that contest elections and seek to form or participate in government.

  3. One or more people who are part of an agreement or dispute.

  4. Usually have fun at parties or other traditional gatherings with drinks and music.

  5. Divided into different colored parts.

Sentences of Party
  1. Engagement ceremony

  2. The dominant conservative party

  3. Agreement between the two parties

Synonyms of Party

rave it up, defendant, coalition, enjoy oneself, cabal, reunion, have a wild time, bloc, social occasion, plaintiff, grouping, group, make merry, junta, celebration, have fun, movement, have a party, social event, political party, affiliation, celebrate, sect, alliance, association, social, set, function, get-together


Meanings of PRP:
  1. Parveen is resistant to prostheses.

  2. Compensation for services

  3. Performance Compensation