Definition of PostScript:

  1. Adobes proprietary Page Description Language that lays out text, graphics, and images on a computer monitor or a printed page with mathematical precision. It uses scalable outline fonts which (unlike bit mapped fonts) display and print with smooth curves and edges, and can be sized to any dimension. Postscript is device-independent (see device independence) and can make maximum use of any compatible output machine whether a low-resolution dot-matrix printer or the highest quality laser printer. It is the foundation on which Acrobat technology is built. See also Encapsulated Postscript.

Synonyms of PostScript

PS, Parthian shot, Addendum, Affix, Afterthought, Allonge, Appendix, Back matter, Chorus, Coda, Codicil, Colophon, Commentary, Conclusion, Consequence, Continuance, Continuation, Double take, Dying words, Enclitic, Envoi, Epilogue, Follow-through, Follow-up, Infix, Interlineation, Interpolation, Last words, Marginalia, Note, Parting shot, Peroration, Postface, Postfix, Postlude, Prefix, Proclitic, Refrain, Rider, Scholia, Second thought, Sequel, Sequela, Sequelae, Sequelant, Sequent, Sequitur, Subscript, Suffix, Supplement, Swan song, Tag, Tail

Meaning of PostScript & PostScript Definition