Definition of Postpone:

  1. Postpone the start of an activity or event until a specific or indefinite date, or until something else happens or happens. See also delay.

  2. After planning it, let (something) happen or let (something) happen.

Synonyms of Postpone

Adjourn, Hang fire, Hold off, Protract, Stay, Adjourn, Keep in abeyance, Hang up, Lay away, Stand over, Defer, Put aside, Put on ice, Continue, Reschedule, Store, Mothball, Sideline, Put away, Suspend, Put off, Reserve, Pigeonhole, Put back, Shelve, Shift off, Hold up, Waive, Stay, Defer, Pigeonhole, Suspend, Set aside, Lay by, Lay over, Prolong, Hold over, Carry over, Stow, Delay, Sleep on, Put in mothballs, Table the motion, Put off, Recess, Extend, Prorogate, Temporize, Table, Shelve, Dally, Drag out, Hold off, Delay, Take a recess, Push aside, Stretch out, Lay aside, Stand over, Prorogue, Set by, Stave off, Hold over

How to use Postpone in a sentence?

  1. The tour had to be postponed a bit.

Meaning of Postpone & Postpone Definition