Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement,

Definition of Positive reinforcement:

  1. The process of promoting or establishing patterns of behavior by offering rewards when treatment occurs.

  2. The condition in which the introduction of a stimulus (talq, q, punishment, reward, etc.) increases or maintains the possibility (probability) of the same reaction (behavior or result).

How to use Positive reinforcement in a sentence?

  1. Despite this, the boy kept swinging and lost the ball, his father gave him positive support and told him to keep trying.
  2. Positive support works for many animals.
  3. Many parents, coaches and teachers try to encourage children by criticizing them and pointing out mistakes, although research has shown that positive support works better.
  4. Instead of hitting new apprentices with sticks when they make a mistake, use positive reinforcements and offer to take them to lunch when they are well.

Meaning of Positive reinforcement & Positive reinforcement Definition