Positive law

Positive law,

Definition of Positive law:

  1. Association articles that were issued by a legislature, court or other humanitarian body and can take the form required by the author.

  2. A set of artificial laws that includes codes, rules and regulations and laws that apply or apply to a political entity such as a state or nation. Contrary to the laws of nature.

How to use Positive law in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure you never break the positive law to avoid consequences.
  2. I don't like positive law or right in that sense because I believe there is no punishment.
  3. However, I doubt that he wants to reduce the moral obligation and, more importantly, the creation or allow of positive human rights in terms of the possible characteristics of the common political good.
  4. If you want to make sure you never go to jail, you have to make sure you never break the positive law.

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