Positive Discrimination

Positive Discrimination,

Positive Discrimination Definition:

  • In the UK, it is the company's policy to select backward groups (based on race, sex, etc.), and make sure people from those groups have jobs.

Literal Meanings of Positive Discrimination


Meanings of Positive:
  1. Good, positive or constructive qualities or virtues.

  2. A photographic image that faithfully displays light and shade or color, especially one hidden from the negative

  3. The result of a test or experiment that shows the existence of something.

  4. The part of a circuit that has more electrical potential than any other location is called zero electrical potential.

  5. Numbers greater than zero.

  6. Adjectives or adjectives positive.

  7. Another term for positive

  8. Instead of its absence, the presence of a feature or virtue or its presence is permanent or its feature.

Sentences of Positive
  1. Take your weaknesses and translate them into strengths

  2. The photography process involves separate segments with positive red, green, and blue separators.

  3. Let's see how these powers are divided

  4. Mitomycin C and cyclophosphamide were used as positive controls in the absence and presence of S9, respectively.

  5. There should be positive treatment for young criminals

  6. Create a positive image of a shiny ebony

  7. Determine the range of sets of positive variables based on your ideas used to consider the range limits.

  8. Each battery has positive and negative poles

  9. This type of image is a single positive image taken on a thin sheet of iron that is black with tar.

  10. In other words, you are trying to get a positive idea about the nomenclature.

Synonyms of Positive

concrete, beneficial, beyond a doubt, undeniable, practical, pragmatic, real, absolute, useful, indisputable, effective, decisive, irrefutable, incontrovertible, unequivocal, unambiguous, indubitable, unmistakable, persuasive, actual, express, certain, firm


Meanings of Discrimination:
  1. Treating different types of people unfairly or negatively, including on the basis of race, age, gender or disability.

  2. Recognize and understand the difference between one thing and another.

  3. With a discriminator who rejects unwanted gestures, choose a signal that has the necessary characteristics, such as frequency or amplitude.

Sentences of Discrimination
  1. Victims of racial discrimination

  2. The difference between good and bad

  3. The advantages of this technique over traditional single photon fluorescence are better contrast with low signal strength and low light energy.

Synonyms of Discrimination

differentiation, partisanship, distinction, bias, bigotry, telling the difference, one-sidedness, inequity, favouritism, narrow-mindedness, unfairness, prejudice, intolerance