Position Trader

Position Trader,

What is Position Trader?

  1. You can define Position Trader as, Position brokers buy long-term investments in the hope that their value will increase. This type of trader is less concerned about short-term price fluctuations and daily news unless they change their long-term view of the trader's status.

    • Position traders follow trends.
    • You identify trends and investments that will benefit you and then buy those investments and until the trend peaks.
    • Successful position traders identify correct entry and exit prices through stop loss orders and control risk.

Literal Meanings of Position Trader


Meanings of Position:
  1. Place (someone or something) in a special place or in a special way or arrange it.

  2. The place where someone or something is or is kept.

  3. Someone or something is kept or organized in a special way.

  4. Circumstances or circumstances, especially those that interfere with your ability to act.

  5. A person's point of view or attitude about something.

  6. At any given time, an investor has liquid assets in one or more markets. The status of an individual distributor or entity that opens a contract.

  7. An established or endorsed proposition of a rule or statement.

Sentences of Position
  1. He took out a chair and placed it between the two

  2. An emergency call announced the plane's position

  3. lie down

  4. Serious financial situation of the company

  5. I will never accept your position on censorship.

  6. The trader defended his short position

  7. The first is that mutual suspicions can be easily avoided if doubts are expressed a little more carefully.

Synonyms of Position

spot, locality, locate, policy, circumstances, set of circumstances, locale, plea, attitude, ideas, outlook, location, stand, put, point, station, thoughts, setting, argument, claim, viewpoint


Meanings of Trader:
  1. People who buy and sell raw materials, currency or stocks.

Sentences of Trader
  1. Unscrupulous traders selling fireworks to children risk running out of hot water.

Synonyms of Trader

saleswoman, agent, broker, salesman, merchant, seller, dealer, buyer and seller, buyer, merchandiser, marketeer