Definition of Portfolio:

  1. A large, thin, flat case for loose sheets of paper such as drawings or maps.

  2. Relating to, denoting, or engaged in an employment pattern that involves a succession of short-term contracts and part-time work, rather than the more traditional model of a long-term single job.

  3. The position and duties of a minister of state or a member of a cabinet.

  4. A range of investments held by a person or organization.

  5. Pool of investments, collection of samples of an artist or other creative person, or group of complementary or supplementary products marketed together.

Synonyms of Portfolio

Investments, Shares, Holdings, Securities, Equities, Bonds, Baton, Book end, Book support, Book table, Book tray, Book truck, Bookcase, Bookholder, Bookrack, Bookrest, Bookshelf, Bookstack, Bookstand, Caduceus, Callable securities, Cats and dogs, Certificate of deposit, Chain of office, Corporation securities, Crook, Crosier, Cross-staff, Fasces, Folder, Folio, Foreign securities, Futures contract, Gavel, Government securities, Junior securities, Listed securities, Mace, Mantle, Marketable securities, Municipal securities, Negotiable securities, Noncallable securities, Note, Outstanding securities, Over-the-counter securities, Revolving bookcase, Rod, Rod of office, Scepter, Securities, Senior securities, Short-term note, Stack, Staff, Stocks and bonds, Subject to call, Treasury bill, Treasury bond, Treasury certificate, Treasury note, Truncheon, Undigested securities, Unregistered securities, Wand, Wand of office, Warrant, File, Binder, Ring binder, Portfolio, Document case

How to use Portfolio in a sentence?

  1. Under his arm he carried a large portfolio of drawings.
  2. Melissa worked hard on finishing new paintings and drawings for her portfolio before her interview at the prestigious art school in the city.
  3. When Carla had an interview for an illustrators position with the magazine, she brought her portfolio with samples of her artistic work.
  4. When she walked into the acting audition, the director asked to see the resume, headshot, and other documents in her portfolio .
  5. He took on the Foreign Affairs portfolio.
  6. Portfolio careers allow women to balance work with family.
  7. Better returns on its investment portfolio.

Meaning of Portfolio & Portfolio Definition


Portfolio Definition:

  • Portfolio means, Insurance or insurance book, which includes all existing policies and open deposits.

  • The definition of Portfolio is: A portfolio refers to the accumulation of financial resources, such as stocks and bonds, that belong to an individual or organization. The items they contain are interchangeable and are therefore considered an investment.

  • All insurance companies follow a default and loss policy in relation to the specified activity class.

  • A simple definition of Portfolio is: Collection of assets, such as stocks, bonds, etc. that belong to an individual or organization.

  • Portfolio refers to A set of investments that belong to an organization or individual and are managed collectively for a specific investment purpose.

Meanings of Portfolio

  1. Loose sheets of paper, such as large, thin, flat squares for drawings or maps.

  2. A series of investments made by an individual or organization.

  3. Position and function of Ministers of State or members of the Cabinet.

  4. Job models include placement, appointment, or participation in short-term contracts and part-time jobs rather than the more traditional models of long-term individual employment.

Sentences of Portfolio

  1. He was tying a big one with a picture under his arm

  2. Better returns for your investment portfolio

  3. Get a foreign portfolio

  4. Portfolio careers allow women to balance work and family


How Do You Define Portfolio?

  1. Portfolio refers to A collection of assets, such as stocks and bonds, belonging to individuals, organizations or mutual funds.

  2. Multiple shares, liabilities, commodities, immovable property, cash equity or joint ownership of other assets by an investor or entity

  3. List of shares in securities owned by investors or institutions.

  4. Joint venture initiatives by individuals or entities. (Appreciation courtesy of Wachovia Wealth Management)



  1. All Pending and Taxable Investment Accounts and Their Content (Prices and Income Generating Assets) Generally, all your investments are in your portfolio.

  2. The definition of Portfolio is: Indicates how many accounts are invested in a given security.