Portfolio investment

Portfolio investment,

Definition of Portfolio investment:

  1. Investment in an assortment or range of securities, or other types of investment vehicles, to spread the risk of possible loss due to below expectations performance of one or a few of them. See also direct investment.

  2. Investment in securities that is intended for financial gain only and does not create a lasting interest in or effective management control over an enterprise.

  3. Investment in a range of stocks or shares.

How to use Portfolio investment in a sentence?

  1. The portfolio investment seemed like a good choice, by allowing Lisa to make extra money without having to disturb her retirement account.
  2. The portfolio investment was critically reviewed and it was determined that sufficient diversification was being experienced by the portfolio investment .
  3. I am able to track my portfolio investment if I use proper calculations determined by downloading a stock exchange software from the internet.

Meaning of Portfolio investment & Portfolio investment Definition

Portfolio Investment,

What is Portfolio Investment?

  • Portfolio Investment refers to Investing in a portfolio is the ownership of stocks, bonds or other financial assets that over time are accompanied by a return or expectation of appreciation, or both. This applies to ownership of inactive or intrusive assets as opposed to direct investment, which means the role of an active manager.

    • An investment in a portfolio is an asset that is acquired with the expectation of generating a return or increasing its value, or both.
    • Investing in a portfolio is passive, not direct, which is managed manually.
    • Risk tolerance and terminology are important factors when choosing to invest in a portfolio.

  • For example, a portfolio investment in a company will include shares that represent a small portion of the company's total shares. Portfolio investors can benefit from tax incentives or other treatment of their profits under tax agreements given to other direct investors for less than 10%.

Literal Meanings of Portfolio Investment


Meanings of Portfolio:
  1. Loose sheets of paper, such as large, thin, flat squares for drawings or maps.

  2. A series of investments made by an individual or organization.

  3. Position and work of Ministers of State or members of the Cabinet.

  4. Cite, nominate, or participate in job models that include short-term contracts and part-time jobs rather than the more traditional models of long-term individual employment.

Sentences of Portfolio
  1. He was tying a big one with a picture under his arm

  2. Better returns for your investment portfolio

  3. Take over the Foreign Affairs portfolio

  4. Portfolio careers allow women to balance work and family

Synonyms of Portfolio

investments, binder, file, equities, shares, securities, bonds, portfolio, document case, holdings, ring binder


Meanings of Investment:
  1. The act or process of investing money for material gain or income.

  2. Around it or around a place with the power of the enemy to stop the enemy.

Sentences of Investment
  1. Discussion on private investment in road construction

Synonyms of Investment

investing, speculation